Diarrhea is watery stool that can occur many times a day. If your child has too much fluid loss, he may become dehydrated. You should continue to provide appropriate fluids to your infant or child to prevent dehydration. If your baby is breastfed, continue nursing frequently. If your baby is on formula or your child is on cow’s milk, you may continue with that unless he seems gassy and bloated. If this occurs, you should use pedialyte to replenish the lost electrolytes, and your pediatrician may recommend a temporary diet change avoiding lactose for a short period of time. If your child is hungry, he may eat a bland diet. If the diarrhea becomes more severe, your child may become dehydrated. Contact your pediatrician if your child has sunken eyes, no tears, very dry lips or mouth, lethargy, a decrease in urine production, bloody or black tarry stools, irritability or fever.