·         Earaches are the most common complication of the common cold.  Older children may complain of pain or discomfort in their ears, or parents may notice a decrease in the child's hearing.  Infants often present with fever and fussiness, and sometimes they will pull or rub their ears.

·          Ear infections are usually precipitated by a cold. You may treat your child’s ear pain with a pain reliever such as acetaminophen or ibuprofen.  When an ear infection is present, antibiotics may be needed, and it is best for your doctor to examine the ear in order to make that decision.  Because many children complain of ear pain when they do not have an ear infection, an ear exam should always be performed before antibiotics are prescribed.

·         Sometimes an ear ache can be due to an external ear infection also known as “swimmer’s ear”. This is frequently caused by moisture in the ear canal, as a result of swimming or high humidity. Swimmer’s ear can only be diagnosed by an examination, and requires prescription treatment.