Safety Tips

1.  We now know that babies who live in households where there is smoking have a higher likelihood of getting colds, upper respiratory infections, ear infections, bronchitis, and SIDS, and are more likely to be hospitalized than babies who live with non smokers.

2.  Never leave your baby unattended, especially on a changing table, bed or in a car.

3.  Never leave your child alone in the tub, even for a minute.  Always test the water temperature before giving your baby a bath.

4.  Do not hold your baby while cooking, smoking or drinking a hot beverage.

5.  Do not use a mobile walker.  They may tumble down a step and negatively affect walking.

6.  Cover electrical outlets.

7.  Install latches on all cabinets, and place all medicines and cleaners in the highest cabinets.

8.  Use safety gates at the top and bottom of stair cases, and where needed to keep your child in a safe area.

9.  Keep small objects such as buttons and pins out of your child's reach.