Diaper Rash

·        Diaper rashes are relatively common in babies and toddlers.  They are typically due to moisture in the diaper that can be an irritant to this sensitive area of skin.  Occasionally a diaper rash may be from other causes, including a yeast infection, bacterial infection, a recent bout of diarrhea. Rarely, diaper rash could be due to sensitivity to the diaper itself, diaper creams or wipes.  The following recommendations can help prevent and treat a diaper rash:

1) Apply a generous about of zinc oxide-based diaper cream with each diaper change.

2) Change diapers promptly after they are soiled.

3) Use fragrance-free wipes, and if the baby already has a diaper rash, try to avoid using wet wipes altogether.

4) If your baby has a diaper rash that isn't responding to the diaper cream you are using, please make an appointment to see the doctor.