Head Injuries


Head injuries maybe mild or severe. They are usually caused by a hard bump or blow to the head, or a significant harsh movement which is jarring to the brain.  There is often a swelling or bruise at the site of the injury, but this does not occur in every case. Following the injury, some children may have a concussion.

Parents should note:

- where and when the injury occurred?

- was there a high velocity impact, or a fall from one level to another?

-were there any witnesses who can confirm if the child was unconscious?

- Remember that children under 2 years old may not have any external signs of trauma but can still have serious injury

-signs of head injury are most frequent in the first 24 hours, but occasionally  can occur in the first week

These are the most common signs of concern:

 Prolonged  Headache

Nausea or  vomiting.

Numbing  or tingling of any  body parts

Sleeping too much , or not sleeping well

Change in vision, speech ,or  balance.

What you can do:

Apply a cool compress to any obvious bruise.

Give Motrin or Tylenol for comfort.

Avoid Benadryl or cold medication which could make your child feel sleepy.                     

It  is often the safest thing to do  to have your child checked  by his/her doctor.  If you are not sure, call the office for advice.